spent  day cleaning house long job took a long time to do it.

will be at coa pm hours  dave



will be at scoa tuesday am  pm I will in nh  shopping be home later in the evening  call me if  you have read this posting.

ps  do you need anything?  what is happening  on the 4th?  going any place?

call me the day before me  picking you up july 7th  I will set my alarm clock.

thanks   DAVE


they keep telling to moderate  these blogs  how the heck do you do it???

I have gone into u-tube for tuttorials still no help.

also where is the edit  button ?????Iwould like to complete things



test test

judy  just test this website if you read it  click on the pencil in upper right hand corner  and type some ting into this   tx  DAVE

reply in this spot

if this works I will start to leave you messages

call me on the phone  this evening